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Welcome to Radius Unify. Use it to onboard and map company, location, and contact data to Radius so we can ingest, match, and enrich it. Then use it to search for and deploy records to your systems of record.

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Ingest API


Register data sources and send company, location, and contact records to Radius. We'll compare them with ours and return a set of standardized values for those that match. Store your data and enrich it with data from The Network of RecordTM to get a single view or your customers and prospects.

Search API


Search your unified dataset of company, location, and contact records based on record ID or segment using signals (e.g. NAICS, City, State, Annual Revenue, etc.).

Configure API


Configure settings about the structure of your unified records to ensure your preferred attributes are always prioritized.

Deploy API


Export audiences and their company, location, and contact data to enterprise go-to-market applications and systems, currently including Salesforce and Amazon S3.

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Visit the Radius website to check out compelling use cases for Radius Unify.

Visit https://radius.com/product/radius-revenue-platform/